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Living in a palace can be its own form of torture, especially for Edward, Michael, and David, three young men whose heartstrings are tangled and knotted together. As some dark force stalks the corridors of his home, Prince Edward must uncover the mystery whilst trying to win the hearts of his loves, the strong, kind Michael, and David, the poet with stars in his eyes.

The game features: 

  • An amazing story with four endings where you'll explore different aspects of the characters.
  • 8 high detailed character sprites.
  • Melodious music.
  • High-quality voiceovers by professional & aspiring voice actors.

The Visual Novel was developed by Funigami Games for the YAOI JAM 2021. It's distributed for free through the Itch.io platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Game Development:

Voice Actors (in order of appearance in the game): 

Special thanks to NiAsobu for helping us out with the backgrounds!

Check our Devlog down below to learn more about our Yaoi Game progress!

Install instructions

The game has been played and tested for Windows PCs only!


TPH-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 425 MB
TPH-1.0-mac.zip 423 MB
TPH-1.0-win.zip 440 MB

Development log

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Absolutely LOVED the game <33 ! Especially since Edward is just drooling all over the 2 throughout the game XD


Glad you liked it ^ ^


Loved the voice acting! Edward was my favourite. :)


Thank you! I hope you had a great time playing it!