A leaked report from the MAUD support (on how to get the good ending)!

Huh, apparently re:shape does need a guide, huh?

I'd much rather let people mull it over but here are some hints I can give you to make sure you get the best possible ending:

-Make sure to check your emails, talk to everybody, and don't skip work at all.

-Ask as many questions and milk Jim and everyone else for as much info as possible. Play the pity card if you have to, we won't judge.

-Get inoculated. Not just in the game, but also IRL.

-Make sure to talk to Patty and Jazmin every day and try to help Jim not do something dumb at the party.

-Make sure to always run repairs on your work computer yourself. especially if you notice any abnormalities.

-Don't give in to the thing in the bathroom.

-Confront Janis when you can.

-Most things on Friday will kill you if you aren't properly prepped.

-JKILL only kills one instance of Janis at a time. JQUAR will isolate an instance. This is crucial if you're going to stop her.

-DO NOT waste the Anti-Janis. You only get one shot.

-JFREEZ can be used once to temporarily stop an instance from working. Should give you enough time to finish the job.

-And yes, every ending where you don't die is a GOOD ending

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