Typos are being fixed....sorry for the delay.

Yo! This is the main writer here. I would like to apologize for some major typos left behind in the finished product. I wanted to fix it as soon as possible, and for the past few weeks I have been working to fix them (while trying to not mess up the indentations of renpy code) while juggling my college tests (I am a final year BCA student).I will try my best to fix the typos by the end of this month, so that you all can have a more patched up and less embarrasing of a VN to read through.

Additionally, while Funigami games seem to be busy with other much more important projects, we will try our best to secure an android release soon enough.

I once again wants to apologize for the quality of the writing in the finished product, and am grateful for the artists, musician, and coders who manage to not only save but beautifully exemplify the finished product to actual goodness with their amazing work and talent.

Anyway, I don't know how to end this log, this is my first time writing a log (also, I am writing it on mobile since my father is using the laptop currently, so I don't know if any typos may slip onto this log) so instead of some typical thank you or another reptition of my annoying apologetic nature, here are some reccomendations from me in certain media I like (I love giving people reccomendations).

Movie: Kung Fu Hustle (one of my favorite comedy films of all time, I personally believe no one can have a bad time with this film)

Music: N.I.C.E Guy by Scha Dara Parr (Just listened to this recently and was bopping my head from start to finish)

Game: Nocturne (1999) (In my humble opinion, one of the best gothic games of all time)

Novel/Book: Life Ceremony by Sayaka Murata (I just love Murata, her dark humor filled stories jive with me a lot)

Podcast: Kowabana by Tara A Devlin (love her work a lot and if you are someone who enjoys J-horror stories, you will love her podcast too!)

Manga: Mayonaka No Waltz by Nagabe (one of my favorite One-shots of all time)

Anime: Teito Monogatari 1991 Madhouse OVAs. (It is sad that the influential Teito Monogatari novels haven't been translated into english yet, but this beautifully animated 4 part OVA is the next best thing)

TV show: Atlanta (Just watched the series finale and am crying. I loved this show a lot. 😭)

Painting: The School of Athens by Raphael. 

 I hope you have a fine day.

- Love, Pseudo64 

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