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I definitely had a blast playing this. The characters were charming and the story was handled quite well considering the runtime. I was pleasantly surprised 😁


Thanks for streaming this Macky! I appreciate the work you did!

Woot! Woot!

Loved the video, made me laugh and cry.  Ty

I hope this have a Android

We're thinking of making an android release.

Yes, please!

Fun game! Some of the dialogue was a bit too over the top for me personally, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Still have to check out the two other ends.

Thanks for the playthrough, Kei! We appreciate your feedback, and thank you for playing the entire game with one go! 


Lol, I'm trapped in ollie's ending. I have played four times and I always got his.


Thanks for playing our game! I appreciate it.

Thanks for pointing out that bug. We fixed it and you should be good to go with version 1.1.1. You can download the new version and play the other endings.

Thanks again for pointing out that bug!

Yeahhhh it's finally here!!

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Note that this one's a demo, I didn't have time for a full release, but I swear the full version will be released soon (hopefully by the end of the week - sept 4th, 2022).

The full game is here!